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Microbes are the living organism you find in any ecosystem in our planet and everywhere in human body surfaces. Most people know the "bad guys", in other words pathogens that cause harmful and dangerous diseases. Detection of microbes is very different from the measurement of chemical substances, because of the longer cultivation times needed for the verification of different bacteria and other microbes. In environmental monitoring fast detection of indicator bacteria for the presence pathogens contributes to the better management of waste water spills. In healthcare systems, the faster you can cultivate pathogens and other microbes, including the antibiotic resistant strains, the better is e.g. the prognosis for the patient for recovering from the illness and the lower the costs are for the healthcare system. In industrial production, the faster you get the result, the lower are your logistical costs. PMEU-technology has been developed for fast, sensitive and safe detection of a variety of pathogens and other microbes in all these fields. Some examples are the enhanced detection of Salmonella sp., Campylobacter sp., and Mycobacterium marinum, a relative to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.