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Finnoflag Oy was established in Kuopio, Finland in 1993. Our company specializes in microbe diagnostics and biorefinery technologies - both rapidly growing fields within the biotechnology industry.

Finnoflag performs modern scientific research in the Kuopio region in Finland. Our products are new innovations based on scientific findings and continuous R&D efforts. We team up with experts in many fields to better understand the requirements of the individual application areas where our products can be used. Throughout its history Finnoflag has collaborated closely with leading companies in various business areas, academic and research institutions and key individuals in order to understand the business environment and to produce services and products that add real value to the field of microbe diagnostics and biorefinery.

To us microbe diagnostics is a process, where each and every stage - from sampling to final analysis - is equally crucial. The final result of this process is a combined outcome of all these stages. Finnoflag products add value especially to the difficult early stages of the microbe diagnostics process.

Simultaneously with speeding up the microbial enrichment and detection we have learned about the possibilities to accelerate biotechnological production of energy gases, biofuels and valuable chemicals as well as other bio-based products. The microbial biotechnology and bioengineering offer approaches for environmentally sustainable but still economically feasible means for treating biomasses and organic wastes, with positive climatological impact. Finnoflag Oy was the principal technology provider in the EU Baltic Sea Region ABOWE project 2012-2014. This project involves research institutes from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania. Read more about this biorefinery project and Pilot A experimental station from