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Business developmet

The growth of Finnoflag Oy has been financed mostly by sales income and co-operation projects with scientific institutions and organisations. We are willing to evaluate serious contacts and proposals from industry related companies and venture capital firms in order to speed up growth with adequate resources. We have more than 60 domestic and international patents or patent applications covering a wide field of Finnoflag's expertise, e.g nearly 10 admitted patents in the USA. Finnoflag will also consider granting licenses to partners with the capacity to cover a certain market.

We are currently expanding our market presence to new markets and therefore are willing to discuss distribution or other sales rights in potential markets. Finnoflag products could compliment the product range of companies with customers in one or more of these application areas:

If you are interested in discussing any of the above issues, please contact CEO, Dr. Elias Hakalehto, e-mail